Sunday, February 10, 2008

My New Website and Blog are LIVE!!

Check them out now!

My New Website

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(this blog will still remain up but remember to update your links and RSS feeds with my new blog!!) Yay!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Erin and Chris are Engaged!

I first met Erin with her mom when we had our first meeting together a few months ago. We had a BLAST during the meeting and I felt as if I had known Erin and her mom for years! So when she booked me, I was stoked because it's always awesome to have ultra cool clients ;-)

Erin couldn't wait for me to meet Chris at their engagement session and I can see why..he is adorable! He was nervous as most guys are before the session starts but Erin knew how to bring out the love bug in him :-D

It was a beautiful day and we beat the rain just by a few started raining 5 minutes after I started driving back home...what luck!! Overcast days are awesome for photography so no need to fret when you don't see the sun on your engagement/wedding day!

Here are just a few favorites from Erin and Chris' session..enjoy!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gloria and Nick are Married!

Gloria and Nick are probably the luckiest people in the world..why you ask?? Because it rained the entire day of their wedding! The day started out nice and sunny and soon after I arrived at Gloria's house, the rain started to pour..and pour..and pour!

Any other couple would have let the rain bum them out but not Nick and Gloria. They were as happy as can be and it was so wonderful to see them just enjoy their day :-)

Their ceremony took place at the Danish Lutheran Church which was very beautiful and well lit! I can't even tell you how many dark church's I've shot in so to see a well lit church was almost unbelievable!

Their reception was at one of my favorite restaurants, the Summit House. The decor was beautiful and the lighting..*sigh* I love when couples splurge on professional really does make a world of difference!

Here are some favorites from the day!

I LOVE this shot!

Awwww..too cute!

I wonder what he's thinking..

Since it was raining..we took advantage of the beautiful light inside the church..

I love their cake topper :-)

Had some fun with in-camera blur!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm a bad blogger..

I know..I know. I have been lagging on the whole blogging thing but with good reason though!! My website/blog designer and I have been hard at work at getting my new website and blog ready to go live. I promise.. once I get my new shiny blog, I'll be a posting machine! I am, as they say, "over" my current blog and really just can't wait to post on my new blog!

It's coming..soon..very very stay tuned!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ashley & Tyson : Married!

Last year, my friend Drew called to tell me the great news that she was expecting a baby. Her due date was very close to a couple of her weddings so she hired me to cover one of the weddings in case she went into labor early, etc. Drew really wanted to make it to both of her weddings though because she is extremely dedicated to her clients and cares about them a great deal. However, she almost didn't make it to this one! Drew and her hubby got into a car accident the night before! Everything seemed okay but then Drew started having contractions! To make a long story short, the contractions stopped, Drew went home and planned on coming to the wedding the next day..I know...she is crazy! Crazy for her clients, that is ;-) I can see why too..Ashley and Tyson are just the sweetest couple and I was so touched to see not only the love they have for each other, but the love their families have for them.

The day was beautiful, the details were gorgeous, and the Venue was to die for! They had their ceremony and reception at the Ebell Club in Long Beach. It was the perfect combination of urban scenery and old world charm. If you haven't considered this venue, you must! It's probably one of my most favorite locations that I've shot at.

Before I end this post, I must thank Drew for asking me to come along to help shoot such a beautiful wedding! Definitely one of my all-time favorites Drew! :-)

I must also thank Ashley and Tyson for being so kind to me! Have a wonderful time on your honeymoon!

Here are some favorites from the day:

Check out Drew's belly! OMG..she is one dedicated woman...that is all I have to say!

Ashley and Tyson's first look was so cute..they were so was beautiful!